The 4 stages of Li-ion fires
Different phases of a li-ion fire
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Stage 1
environmental, mechanical, electrical & thermal abuse
Stage 1 of a Li-ion fire
On average, this is the phase in which you have the most time to react. From long minutes to even hours.

Our sensor platform is the only solution able to address this phase of the fire risk. By detecting potential environmental, mechanical, electrical or thermal issues, you can take preventive actions avoiding a thermal runaway leading to a catastrophic event.

Following sensors could be used for this stage:
Sensors for a stage 1 of a Li-ion fire

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Stage 2
gas release
The off-gas stage is the typical early warning phase for li-ion fires.
Until now.
Right before a thermal runaway process, the li-ion batteries release gasses. This is stage 2. In this phase the key gas being released is CO2 gas. It is the earliest and most stable one.
li-ion daisy chained off-gas sensor
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Stage 2 of a Li-ion fire
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Stage 3 & 4
smoke and fire
Stage 3-4 of a Li-ion fire
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