Not finding the sensor you need for your project? Need a special enclosure for your application? Not finding the software feature you're looking for?

Our Special Projects team has you covered. Our team provides custom engineering and development to meet your requirements based on our hardware and software platform.

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Custom enclosures.
for base units, expansion hubs & sensors

Some applications of our hardware require special features and housing for the environment where they are deployed.

We do have a wide range of possibilities. To give you idea of what can be done, check out our custom enclosure page for examples.

More info on custom enclosures

Custom ServersCheck Enclosure
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Sensor Development.
Using our platform as a starting point, our Special Projects team can design and manufacture sensors tailored to your specifications.

Contact us for Custom Sensor Development
Custom sensor
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Monitoring Software Development
by expanding its features & functionalities
Monitoring Software
Our Monitoring Software comes with a standard set of features. However for your project you may need features not yet present in our software. Our Special Projects team will work with you to integrate the features either into our generic software or into a special build, just for you.