SensorGateway Firmware Release Notes

Please note that a firmware will only work for the hardware version it was designed for. Loading it onto a different hardware version may damage your SensorGateway. Click here to download your firmware.

To update the firmware, click on the Firmware Update option in the web interface of the SensorGateway.
All settings will be erased for devices running firmware 3.04 or lower when upgrading.

Should the firmware update fail, then try resetting it to factory default firmware by following the RESET instructions in the user manual.

What's New?

Release 8.8.1
Fix: Issue on New Generation Thermal Sensors not triggering outputs (still for cameras shipped before May 19. 2022)
Fix: Issue on Daisy Chain Sensor not triggering SNMP Traps
Update: Updated Daisy Chain naming convention on Daisy Chain Info page and Sensor Status Page
Update: Changed Thermal Image type from Temperature to Thermal Temp
Update: Added new OID structure to support sensors with 4 metrics above using Expansion Hubs

Release 8.8
New: Support for ENV-VOC, ENV-CO2-VOC
New: Support for New Generation Thermal Image Sensors (XS, S, M and L)
New: Support for Gas Sensors (NH3, CLO2, C2H4, ETO, CH2O, O2, CO, HF, RADON, HCL, HCN, H2S, CH4, NO, NO2, O3, PH3, C3H8, SO2)
New: Support for Daisy Chain CO2-VOC-TEMP
Feature: Added Zone selection for the New Generation Thermal Image Sensors

Release 8.7
New: Support for ENV-GAS-CO2
New: Support for PWR-GROUND (v2)
New: Support for SEC-TILT
New: Support for ENV-PARTICLE
New: Support for ENV-LEAK-OIL
New: Support for PWR-AC-METER3
Update: Added new feature for the ADDON-LTE microservice in where other SGW connected within the same network can use other SGW with ADDON-LTE connected
Update: Update Scan button for Daisy Chain sensors
Update: SGW MODBUS TCP/IP can now be polled by 2 MODBUS Master
Fix: Issue regarding Internal Temperature and Ping polling time
Fix: Issue when using special characters on Device Location
Fix: Issue on the Trap receiver Toggle
Fix: Issue on the alert history time stamp synchronisation
Fix: Issue on Ping SNMP Trap
Fix: Email Alert status when disabling
Fix: Issue on the output relays when setting up threshold for sensors
Fix: Security sensor state doesn’t change on OLED when changed its triggering state on the UI
Fix: Issue on incorrect NTP that generates enormous DNS traffic
Updated the ENV-DUST unit measurement
Updated Daisy Chain Sensor Status Page: During scanning a note will remind that it will take a minute to sensors to be updated.

Release 8.6
New: Added Option to Disable ICMP ping on the SensorGateway
New: Support for AC-PWR-QUAL
New: Support for ENV-H2
New: Support for ADDON-RTU
Fix: Issue regarding Security Sensor state on OLED doesn’t change when trigger state from CLOSE to OPEN contact

Release 8.5
This is a special Firmware which is pre-requesite for future firmware updates as this has improved memory utilization that uses new structure
New: Added Support for ENV-THUM v3
New: Added Support for ENV-NOISE
New: Added Support for ENV-WLEAKLOC
Fix: Issue on Ground sensors showing incorrect unit
Fix: Issue on Wireless Hub which is detected as ADDON-LTE
Fix: Issue on SNTP configuration which doesn’t allow manual configuration on previous firmware
Fix: Users with Firmware 7.5 can directly update to this firmware without losing configuration settings unlike previous FW 8 Releases
Fix: issue that whenever sensor/s is/are disconnected, register won’t shift anymore. Modbus registers will be freezed after 60 seconds upon reboot.
Fix: Issue on ADDON-LTE which occupies 3 registers on Modbus instead of none.

Release 8.4
New: Support for IR Spot sensor (Covid-19 Kit)
New: Support for SEC-LUX sensor

Release 8.32
Update: Support for multiple email addresses in TO field for email alerts (max 90 characters)
Fix: Correct an error on dew point calculation
Fix: Improved calibration for PWR-AC-VOLT sensor

Release 8.31
Fix: For IoT end point setting

Release 8.3
New: IoT support for ADDON-LTE using JSON PUSH over HTTPS
New: GPS and cellular data available via SNMP
Fix: Mib walk would fail on 8.23

Release 8.23
New: Support for ADDON-LTE

Release 8.1
New: support for EXP-4HUB
New: support for ENV-PRESSURE
Fix: IO sensor could result in unwanted behavior when all 16 ports are triggered
Fix: email address would not be allowed as username for email authentication
Fix: Wireless sensor would not accept - as character
Fix: SMS configuration issue
Update: Alert status notifications for email, SNMP Trap and SMS
Update: SNMP Trap sending redesigned for improved performance

Release 8.0
New: new interface with responsive design and client side validation
New: built-in firewall for additional security
New: support for air quality sensor
New: redesigned OLED display showing sensor names
Update: code optimization for improved performance on UI
Fix: minor bug fixes

Release 7.50
New: debug output for email , SMS test message and cloud connection
New: support for Pressure sensor
New: SNMP structure update allowing for integer values for every sensor
New: configuration of repeat alarm interval
New: Support for 2 thermal imaging sensors per base unit
Update: web interface updates for logo and branding

Release 7.41
Fix: In some cases the unit could hang due to alert flooding with repeat alarm turned on and slower mail servers.

Release 7.40
New: Support for 2nd SNMP trap receiver
New: Built in PING check
New: Support for new 4to20mA sensor
Fix: OIDs for sensorhub sensor ports
Fix: Output control now retaining the default state after reboot
Fix: Modbus node bug

Release 7.31
Fix: bug on sensor type calibration on sensorhub and Multisensor
New: AC current sensor
New: KWhr reset in AC current sensor
New: Calibration for AC power voltage sensor
New: Modbus for CO in multisensor

Release 7.20
Fix: Alert history logging timezone error (always +8 gmt)
New: Modbus TCP protocol for communication with BMS systems
New: Support for the Multisensor & Hub
New: Support for the power voltage sensor
New: Support for the thermal camera image sensor

Release 6.17
New: Repeat alerts now also for Warning level
Fix: SNMP community string issue
Fix: Wireless hub menu would disappear when the hub is unplugged

Release 6.15
New: Tolerance level for temperature and temperature & humidity
Fix: Security Vulnerability - SNMP WALK (read/write)
Fix: Text improvements in web pages
Fix: Remembering Wireless sensors that were registered to the SGW
Fix: Revised wireless instruction (with dropdown menu)

Release 6.00
New: output feature over the cloud
New: user defined output names on the cloud
New: email body/txt on email alert (100 characters)
Fix: SYN window size is back to 1536

Release 5.11
New: Option to trigger either sms or voice alerts (requires Premium Plan)
New: threshold/tolerance in outputs (via DOWN and WARNING)
New: threshold/tolerance in alerts (via DOWN and WARNING)
Update: remove limit in sending traps
Fix: for IO traps bug on sensorhub and IO probe
Fix: DHCP host name missing in broadcast
Fix: Increase Window size for Exchange

Release 5.07
New: characters for the SNMP community from 8 to 16
New: HTTPS on web server
New: OLED display time schedule/option
New: countdown display upon adding a wireless sensor
New: number of alerting limit threshold (3 alerts only for 5 minutes)
New: extended OID's for the sensorhub . to .
New: dewpoint reading added on sensorhub
New: support added for grounding sensor
New: support added for dust sensor
Fix: OID swapping (mix)
Fix: dust sensor does not work on the sensorhub
Fix: When IO probe is used with temp/hum probe, dew point is seen on OLED and OID but NOT on webpage
Fix: dew point not appearing on sensorhub webpage but present on OID and OLED display
Fix: increased retries to connect to sensors that could in same cases temporarly lose connection

Release 4.10
Fix: Addresses an issue of spikes in some sensors
Fix: Addresses an issue in v4 regarding humidity readings

Release 4.00
New: Cloud integration
New: Support for the new wireless temperature and wireless temperature+humidity probes
New: Dew point for temperature & humidity sensors (Celsius & Fahrenheit)
Fix: Solves issue on SNMP v3 with Nagios & Solarwinds
Fix: Long operator strings in QoS sensor
Fix: Qos sensor probe with long operator names

Release 3.30
New: new oled labels (with number subscripts)
New: output features on IO Dry Contact and Sensorhub
New: XML output of sensor data for 3rd party integration
New: Default DHCP mode of SensorGateway
New: Alert logging with download via CSV file
Fix: Support for new Gmail (2048 bit ssl)

Release 3.20
Fix: SNMP failing when multiple SNMP requests were sent in parallel - sequential requests were not affected
Fix: SNMP community string
Fix: Decimals wouldn't be retained when calibrating sensor
Update: Half time zones are now supported
Update: Fuel level sensor metrics improvement
New: Support for Sensorhub
New: Support for Wireless sensor probes (temperature & humidity)

Release 3.06
Fix: sysname bug ( OID .
Fix: water detect bug (snmp get)
Fix: Bug on snmp v3 (SNMPv3/MD5 authentication)
New: oled transition (on/off at the device info page)
New: trap structure (new OID's for IO sensor probe)
New: DC power meter probe (with labels)
New: AC power meter probe (with labels)
New: Fuel sensor (level only)
New: OTA Over The Air Updates

Release 3.04
Update: Modified TRAP structure change as per customer request

Release 3.03
Update: Added label distinction between DC and AC power meter probes

Release 3.02
Fix: SNTP and DHCP network setting bug
New: Support for DC and AC power meter probes

Release 3.01
Fix: SNTP bug on negative time zones
Fix: OLED display bug (5 octets being displayed for an IP address)

Release 3.00
Update: Memory reorganization
New: Added support for OLED display (sensor parameters with ip display)
New: SNMP v3 suported
New: SSL for email alerts is now supported (like Gmail and others)
New: RECOVERY alert for sms, email and snmp

Release 2.12
Preupdate for HW version 4 for 3.xx firmware version update

Release 2.11
Fix: email alert message
Fix: sms alert message
Update: Support for new QoS sensor modem

Release 2.10
- New: SMS alerting through SensorGateways
- New: Support for DC Power meter sensor
- New: Support for QoS sensor
- Update: Sensor name, device name and location included in email alerts
- Fix: Resolves an issue of sensors not showing after long names
- Fix: In some cases email authentication settings wouldn't be saved correctly
- Fix: Empty alert message in email alerts when connecting a DRY CONTACT probe

Release 2.0.8
- Update: MAC address can be updated for all digits to address FF:FF issue

Release 2.0.7
- New: Support for IO Sensor Probes
- New: Support for shock sensor (reporting in G force)
- New: Support for airflow probes
- Fix for problem in Mac address
- Fix: addresses issue on reboot of some SensorGateways with serial number starting with 201204 and being delivered prior to May 10th 2012

Release 2.0.1
- Fix: Improved calibration of internal sensor after reset/reboot

Release 2.0
- New: Support for the 4th generation of our SensorGateways with dual port probes

Release 1.6
- New: makes SensorGateways ready for new probes (air quality, shock and airflow)
- Update: error message now included in SNMP Traps
- Fix: issue of SNTP synchonization and delays in web interface
- Fix: consistency of SNTP setting in interface
- Fix: issue resolved of setting SensorGateways to same MAC address after firmware upgrade