4-20mA Sensor Adaptor

0-10V Sensor

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Similar to the 0-10V adapter, the 4-20mA adapter enables third-party sensors with a 4-20mA output signal to be connected to the InfraSensing platform. The adapter converts the signal from the sensor into a format that can be read and analyzed by the InfraSensing monitoring system.

4-20mA sensors are devices that provide an output signal proportional to the measured physical quantity. They are commonly used in industrial applications for measuring parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, and level. The 4-20mA signal is ideal for these applications as it provides a robust and noise-resistant signal that can transmit data over long distances.

The benefits of using a 4-20mA adapter include the ability to integrate a broader range of sensors into the InfraSensing platform and the ability to provide accurate and reliable data on industrial processes. The 4-20mA signal also allows for easy implementation of sensors in hazardous areas, as it does not produce sparks and is intrinsically safe.

Overall, the use of a 4-20mA adapter and sensors offers enhanced monitoring capabilities and customization options for the InfraSensing platform, enabling users to improve system efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase safety in industrial applications. Drawing of our tilt sensor