IP68 Ultrasonic Fuel Tank Level Sensor

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key sensor features
ServersCheck Fuel Level Sensor - Contactless (ultrasonic) fuel level measurement
- Measures fuel level inside tanks with depths of up to 2m (6.5ft)
- with wall thickness of up to 6mm.
- IP68 rates for outdoor use
- Calibrated in factory based on specs of your tank
- In operating temperatures of 4°C to 65°C (39F to 148F)
- ISO 884 6ignition protected
- Fire Resistance tested to ABYC, US Coast guard and ISO 10088

- compact plug & play sensor.
- designed for indoor use.
- steel enclosure for non-power sensors or non-IP sensors. custom color & logo options available.
- industrial grade.
- 0u rack, DIN rail, magnetic or wall mountable sensor.
- plugs into the base unit.
- powered by the base unit (PoE, 12v DC, optionally 24v or -48v)
- alerts via SNMP Traps, email or SMS.
- out of the box integration via Modbus TCP, SNMP.
- optional integration via MQTT for Industrial IoT applications1New feature.

1Requires FW 10 or higher
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Top mount on tanks
Industry standard SAE-5 stud mounting pattern with gasket seal and washers.
Fuel Level Top Mount